Our Ministries

Softball Ministry

In 2008 Shepherd's Grace Ministries founded our softball ministry. We took worship services to the softball field on Sunday Mornings. 

God used this ministry greatly and we have seen approximately 3,000 professions of faith each year. 

We are always looking for qualified speakers as this ministry keeps growing. 

52 Days of Faith

52 Days of Faith is an amazing opportunity that the Lord has place on our hearts several years ago. We are going to take the Gospel message to all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico in 52 days. 

If you would like to support this wonderful outreach please go to our "Donation" page and donate through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. 

Pulpit Supply

Bruce Parsons or one of our other evangelists would cherish the opportunity fill in at the pulpit when your pastor is away or just needs a break. We know how much the pulpit is to be honored and how sacred it is held.

Children's Ministry

We have served and worked with children all the way from toddlers to teenagers. 

The children of today are the future  leaders and evangelists of tomorrow. We know first hand , how important it is to rech children with the Gospel of Christ.

 We can offer children's lessons in conjuction with another outreach such as revival or as a stand alone event. 

Please contact us for more information. 

Men's Groups

Men are called to be the spiritual leaders of their households. That alone, is a very tiring and will drain you. 

We offer uplifting Biblical advice and a time of fellowship. No man is an island, alone we will all fail, We help you reconnect with Christ and obtain that passion and fire that once dwelt inside of us. 

Evangelism Training

Let us teach you how to share your faith. We will be glad to go to  any group or church and share with you what REALLY works. 

There are many books written and many programs but we have been there and seen what works and what does not. 

After a couple of training sessions we will take you out and put your new knowledge into practice. 

You will see that it is actually easy and rewarding to share your faith.