any place, any time, any cost

More than just words

Any place, any time, any cost are more than just words. This is the foundation on which we built our whole ministry. 

When Jesus calls us to go, we are willing to move blindly. 

How you can help

Although our salvation is a free gift from God, sharing the gospel is not free. There are many expenses and we need your help. 

God has commanded all Christians to take the message of salvation to the world. This is a seemingly impossible task for any one of us, but when we combine, it becomes very possible. 

What can you do

For 64 cennts a day you can spread the message to the world. Yes, we are asking you to donate $20 a month to see lives changed for Christ. 

All donations are are tax deductible. 

A donation of any size is welcome and you can make a onetime donation or a monthly donation to show your continued support.

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Help Us to Help Others FInd Christ

Your support and contributions will enable us to take the message of the Gospel to the world. 

All donations are tax deductible. 

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